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Wilson County

4-H Record Information                       4-H Records

Wilson County 4-H Enrollment for the 2016-17 year is due ASAP after your October meeting. 4-H enrollment requirements include enrolling here at  4-H Online and having a signed copy of your enrollment information turned into the Extension Office for our files.

Project records and materials will be pulled (if requested) and put in your club boxes to be picked up by leaders.

2016-17 records will be due in the Extension Office September 15th, 2017.

Be sure to check with your club leaders for a due date for records to be turned into them. They will need records before the Extension Office due date to make project award nominations to the office.

All records and pin applications will need to be approved and signed by your Community Club leaders. All record books should have their seal checklist in the front of the book.

Records due from 4-H'ers include:

  • Record Books including permanent and project pages.
  • Achievement Pin Applications
  • Key Award Applications
  • Club Officer Books, including Treasurer, Secretary, Reporter and Historian

Forms needed from Community Club Leaders:

  • Project Award Nominations for 4-H'ers 13 and under (forms can be found in your club's file box).
  • Club Seal Award Form
  • Nomination for 4-H Alumni Award
  • Nomination for 4-H Honorary Adult
  • Club Project Form

4-H Records

The following are PDF files and are form fill-able. However they cannot be saved unless you have a full version of the Adobe program.

4-H Personal Page

4-H Permanent Record

The above record forms can be found HEREon the State 4-H website in Word format.

4-H Record Book Arrangement

4-H Record Book Check Sheet

Jr. 4-H Project Records

To be used if age is 13 and under!

Kansas Generic 4-H Project Record

The above Kansas Generic 4-H Project Record can be found HERE on the State 4-H website in Word format. Please make sure you are using the correct "Kansas Generic Project Record" DO NOT USE the Simplified Kansas 4-H Record Form.

4-H Livestock Record Form

The generic record form should be used for all projects except the ones listed below. If you are doing a livestock record, add the livestock record page to the generic record form.

4-H Entomology Collection Record

4-H Entomology Record


4-H Forestry Record

4-H Geology Record

4-H Reading Record

4-H Shooting Sports Record

Sr. 4-H Project Records

4-H'er age 14 and over should fill out the Kansas Award Application. These can be found on the Kansas 4-H Youth and Development website:

Kansas Award Portfolio (KAP) and other award forms

4-H Achievement Pin Applications

Membership Achievement Pin

Bronze Achievement Pin

Clover Achievement Pin

Emerald Achievement Pin

Silver Achievement Pin

Silver Guard Achievement Pin

Leadership Achievement Pin

Gold Achievement Pin

Gold Guard Achievement Pin

Key Award