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Wilson County

Wilson County 4-H Council

The Wilson County 4-H Council meets on a bi-monthly basis to discuss and make plans for County 4-H Events. Each club in the county has three representatives, one being the club president and two being  club members selected by their club. Community Club Leaders are also asked to attend the meetings.

4-H Council Next Meeting Date

August 28, 2017, 7:00 pm.

Wilson Co. Courthouse Basement

  • Call to Order, 4-H Pledge
  • Roll Call
  • Reading & Approval of Minutes
  • Reading of Communications
  • Treasurer's Report
  • Agent's Report: State Fair Exhibits, Achievement Banquet, Record Books & KAP's Due Date
  • Committee Reports: Financial Report - Ice Cream Social
  • Unfinished Business:
  • New Business: Paying of Bills, Achievement Banquet
  • Announcements


4-H Council Officers

President - Jadin Reese

Vice President - John Reese

Secretary - Hannah Drybread

Treasurer - Baily Chaplin

Reporter - Maria Kimzey

4-H Council Representatives

Busy Beavers

  • Bryce Signer
  • Baily Chaplin
  • Clifford Hershberger

High Prairie Pioneers

  • Austin Hobbs
  • Erin Drybread
  • Hannah Drybread


  • Maria Kimzey
  • Anita Staker
  • Nick Hibbard

Lucky Horseshoe

  • Hannah Newland
  • Jadin Reese
  • John Reese